Two rather scary tweets

Everyone has been celebrating our ‘Ebola free’ status given by the World Health Organisation. While that is perfectly understandable, and evokes a sense of national pride, it could also be a double edged sword, as shown by this tweet:

Further confirmed by this tweet:

The argument may be that internal checks may not be a high priority, since there are no cases left in the country. However, the creeping suspicion is that this laxity has spread or could spread to the international airport and our land borders.

For as long as the situation in Liberia and Sierra Leone is not brought under control, and the rate of infections begins to decline, we cannot relax on preventive measures for Ebola. For once, Nigeria is in the headlines for something positive. Let us ensure it stays that way.

One thought on “Two rather scary tweets”

  1. Now dis is interesting… It is akin to disbanding d police force bcos there r no more robbers. Na wa for GEJ country!

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