The Truppr 5k

I love to run, and this may not be a surprise to some people. I often run by myself and though it was hard at first, I have been able to keep up with running on a regular basis, twice a week at least. As the months have gone by, I have witnessed more and more people take up exercise on the streets of Lagos. Some run by themselves, some run in a group. It always makes me happy because exercise confers real benefits, and as many people as possible should enjoy them.

When enough people begin to undertake a particular activity, it is inevitable that communities will form. Bosun Tijani, a co-founder and CEO of the Co-Creation Hub and a prominent member of Nigeria’s growing technology community, is also the founder of Truppr, which aims to create a community of fitness lovers across a number of sports, like football, running, tennis and general aerobics.

The 5k run held today, and being a fan of long distance myself, it was a no-brainer for me to take part. I also knew it would be fun to meet up with good friends and make new ones. A Fitbit Flex was up for grabs too, so that was added motivation, quite apart from the desire to be first and beat my last time. It was a great turnout, and there was some celeb support there too. Kate Henshaw was in attendance and ran the full race. Esta Morenikeji took the pre-race warm up, and by the time she was done, I really couldn’t wait to get started.

The key, as always, is to start a little slowly then storm to the finish. It almost worked, but for Opeyemi Balogun’s resilience to pip me right at the finish line. Oddly, I met him for the first time exactly a week ago, and had no idea he is such a strong runner.

Answering some questions after the race

So, no Fitbit Flex for me. I am dying for an activity tracker/smartwatch though, and I fancy my chances next time round, which should be next month. The event itself was very well organised, and a big thumbs up to everyone involved in the planning and execution.

The Truppr 5k was a lot of great fun, and I am happy it will be a regular event from now on.  I encourage you to sign up for the next one. The more the merrier.

View all the pictures from the event here.


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