City’s record breaking scoring season.

On Saturday, Manchester City scored another 4 goals to beat Watford 4-2, to avoid an embarrassing exit from the FA Cup. This now brings the number of goals they have scored this season, in all competitions, to 110 goals in 36 games.


This brings their goal average to just over 3 goals a game. If it feels like a lot, it certainly is. Manchester City have the added distinction of scoring the most goals by any team after 22 games of a 38 game Premiership season.

22 games

I created both those graphics with Datawrapper, but could not import them here, hence the need for screen shots. Both graphics are here and here.

If you notice from the last graphic, the team with the second most goals after 22 games are the City side of 2011/2012, coached by Roberto Mancini. Last week, he took some of the credit for the exploits of the Citizens in front of goal this season, since he brought in the core of the side Manuel Pellegrini has used to such devastating effect so far.

Indeed, the core of that 2011/2012 side is still very much in place, and they have a very good chance of breaking the record for the most goals in a Premiership season, set by Chelsea in 2010/2011, with a total of 103 goals. They are only 40 goals behind this tally with 16 games to go, and they must fancy themselves to set a new mark.

Beyond that, City look certain to win at least one trophy this season. They lurk ominously behind Arsenal in 2nd place in the EPL and are in the final of the League Cup. In the 5th round of the FA Cup, they face a hard to beat Chelsea side. In addition, a double date with the mighty Barcelona in the Champions League makes for a packed February and March. The real tests are coming thick and fast. Fortunately for them, they score goals so freely that they always have a chance. If only they could tighten up a bit in defence.


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  1. If you use the IFrame you get from Datawrapper, you can insert fully working harts into any website, including WordPress. Switch to the non-visual editor to do that.

    No need to use static images then.

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