My running playlist

For me, running is the best exercise. Maybe it is the constant movement, but I love it. I also run hard. Every time I run, I try to beat my last time. In this quest, music is a major ally. Below are a list of 13 songs I use when I run my 10k, most of which are drawn from Fall Out Boy and Linkin Park.

I don’t care – Fall Out Boy

Thks Fr Th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy

Beat It – Fall Out Boy: This song is an amazing take on the original. It is done at a higher tempo, driven by Patrick Stump’s delivery.

America’s Suitehearts – Fall Out Boy

Alpha Dog – Fall Out Boy

Eyes of the Tiger – Survivor: This song is not too up tempo, but the lyrics are compelling. In addition, you get to feel like Rocky when you run.

A place for my head – Linkin Park

One step closer – Linkin Park

With you – Linkin Park

Don’t stay – Linkin Park: Having Chester Bennington scream in your ear is very motivating.

W.A.R.R.I.O.R. – Ebony Bones: I first heard this song when playing FIFA 2011, and the high tempo got to me. It makes you feel like a warrior too.

The Phoenix – Fall Out Boy: This joint is from their most recent album, ‘Save rock and roll’, and it is in keeping with their other tracks on my playlist: energetic and funny.

Big things poppin – T.I.: This is my power song, and T.I’s intensity is the reason for it.

I am in the process of putting together another playlist, so if you run regularly and have any suggestions, feel free to put them in the comment section. On the other hand, if your New Year resolution is to exercise more, a few of the songs above will definitely help.


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