7 domain names Nigerians should buy right now

If you are not into tech, you might not know that the internet’s domain system will soon be expanded to allow for more domains. A domain name is the [dot]com, [dot]org, [dot]edu and so on that is added at the end of web addresses. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) – no reference to the Nigerian accountants exam or Nas by the way – that manages these domain names, is currently accepting bids for specific names like [dot]app, [dot]home, [dot]inc, [dot]art, [dot]blog among others.

The expansion of domain names brings with it a rare opportunity to buy standout domains and of course, this should hold a lot of interest for Nigerians. What follows is a few suggestions for specific domain names from a Nigerian perspective.

The most obvious is [dot]naija, and by extension [dot]nigeria. The latter could be used for more formal communication, perhaps by the government, and the former for more informal uses. I expect .naija to be of major interest to techies, and people in the entertainment industry as an expression of our unique identity. Good people. Great nation.

A less obvious one might be [dot]pdp. Africa’s largest party – or so they say – really should have a web presence that makes it standout, especially since they want to be in power for 60 years.

Something slightly more controversial one could be [dot]corruption. Obviously, we don’t have a monopoly on this character trait, but we have taken its practice to perhaps legendary levels. It only seems fair that someone of Nigerian origin acquires this domain name.

A group of ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ boys could pool their electronically acquired resources together, and buy the [dot]419 domain name, just for the heck of it. It is not as if one would ever have a website like FredAjudua.419 or anything like that, but why take the chance that a foreigner will buy it and have all the fun?

Then, there is [dot]federalcharacter. Such a fundamental part of our national life really should not go unrecognised, because it determines our political outcomes. At every stage, reference is made to balance in federal appointments, allocations, and so on. The Federal Character Commission should set themselves this task of buying this domain name, in the national interest.

Lastly, there is [dot]owambe. You will be hard pressed to find nationalities that party harder, or more extravagantly, than Nigerians. Everything is cause for a party, and Nigerians throw some of the best ones. This distinctly Nigerian export surely deserves its place on the Internet.

I’m almost sure I’ve missed some good ones. Suggestions welcome in the comments.


2 thoughts on “7 domain names Nigerians should buy right now”

  1. Hehehehe. Nice twist, thot it was going to be a tech article for a minute. can’t think of anymore sadly. You’ve captured our ‘exports’ & ‘exploits’ quite well with the ones listed!

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