Why is the Nigerian Army obstructing Commercial Avenue?

Opposite Silverbird’s E-Center at Sabo, there is a compound owned by the Ordnance Ancilliary Service of the Nigerian Army. On both sides of the road, there is a clearly designated parking zone that runs throughout Commercial Avenue.

For the longest time, the parking zone in front of the Ordnance HQ has been obstructed, preventing motorists from parking. As if that is not enough, part of the other side of the road has also been obstructed.

When I asked why this was so, I was threatened with violence, and asked the typical Nigerian question: ‘Who are you?’

Obviously, there is a clear problem here: why is a parking zone being blocked? If there is any law – no matter how archaic and irrelevant – that forbids vehicles being parked in front of run-down military compounds, then why did the state government put them there? If there is no such law, then is this not a very blatant abuse of power by men of the Nigerian military?


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