E don tey, no be today.

During the protests over fuel subsidy removal in January, at the daily gatherings at Gani Park, one statement that stayed with me was something Femi Kuti said. He said that Fela was fighting bad governance since he (Femi) was 17, and now he’s in his late forties while his son is 13, yet the problems Fela talked about remain to this day. There is no better example of this, than the picture below.


What one realises is that Nigeria has never really worked properly. It also puts into perspective the kind of task ahead of any group of people that is serious about real change.

It also makes all the promises of stable power supply that have been made since 1999, that much more hollow. These lies have gone on since forever.

Speaking about fuel subsidy, the Federal Government has stopped paying fuel importers.

What happens next is a no-brainer.


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