Something Different

This blog is mostly about my views on politics and football, but i also appreciate other types of writing. A very good friend of mine wrote this some time ago, and I thought I should share it. It might speak to someone. Here goes:


Whether it’s for a child or for that perfect spouse or that dream job. Whatever it is I find that everyone and I mean every single person I know is waiting on God for something.

My sister just finished serving her country and is waiting for a good job. My best friend is waiting for the man who is ‘worth it’. My beautiful lovely friend is waiting for a child. My colleague is waiting for a better job offer. My friend is waiting to launch his album. My adoptive mother is waiting for a husband. My sisters are waiting to get a better house. My other friend is waiting for a financial breakthrough and his friend can’t wait for his business to kick off.

What am I waiting for?
What are you waiting for?

We’re all waiting. In fact, some people have given God a deadline. The logic is that if a lady is not pregnant by the end of March, then nothing nothing for her again this year oh!

So, I ask myself if God is powerless to do these things or if it is something else? Why is it taking so long? Did I do something wrong or did I miss it along the way?
What is it?

Then Pastor Ike comes with a testimony like yesterday’s about a marriage of 19years with no children and now they have 3. The lady is in her 40s oh! Or the other lady who was past 40 but still found her soul mate… testimonies abound.
Theirs is one story amongst many. I have also witnessed such testimonies myself – God manifesting His power and His sovereignty. His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are definitely not our ways. He uses the foolish things to confound the wise…

So, I believe the determining factor lies with us. Am I willing to wait for God’s will?

And if His will goes against my will, will I accept it and still love Him?

Like they said in the movie Facing the Giants, ‘If God does not give you a child, will you still love Him?’


So that’s it. What are you waiting for? What have you waited for and received? You can share below.


11 thoughts on “Something Different”

  1. Dont we All wait?
    Currently waiting for a better job….and my weddin is in a few mths and cant wait to get preg….

    Yes….we always always wait for smtn 😦

  2. Waiting keeps you in panic, makes u worry when you should not and sometimes makes one vulnurable…yes i wait as well but im learning to wait without panicing, without worrying and without being vulnurable BUT I AM WAITING

  3. I have waited for several things in time past and i am still waiting for more things.
    But one thing i have learnt while waiting is to talk to God. If & when i can’t pray in the “religious manner”, I just whisper or mutter to God my concerns, worries & hopes, and guess what, He never disappoints because the exact thing i muttered will be done.
    In times of waiting let us not forget to talk to God about what it is we are going through.
    It’s amazing to know that God hear our whispers & picks the frequency of our thought.
    The word “waiting” might be continuous, but the one we are waiting one (God) is able to make it a past tense. i.e “waited”

  4. The waiting just never ends. waited for my bf to visit from jand. He visited, went back. Now I’m waiting for another visit or wen I’ll go to visit. Waited for grad. Waited for nysc. Waited for nysc to end. Now I’m waiting for a better job. Waiting for wen I’ll hav enuf to buy a (brand new) car. Waiting to realise my dreams .. Waiting. Waiting… and wen I get what I am/was waiting for, I’ll start wanting sometin more. Not just wanting them, but working towards them..
    But in d midst of all dese wants and work and bla bla bla , I try to give space for God’s will. Praying that in all tins let His will be done. But erm how will I knw what His will is na? *sigh..God dey sha.

  5. we are conditioned to always want more than we already have, thus it appears we are always waiting. It would indeed be grand if we can all just let go of all inhibitions and make the best of what we have at the moment, for in the end, what will be, will be.

  6. Nice post! Well, we all practise the act of waiting don’t we? Waiting to recover, waiting for that meal lol, waiting to get into Uni, waiting for a vaccine for every type of goes on and on. During that inactive period of your life, try to reflect on the words of Isaiah 40:31….it’ll give you hope 🙂

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