The MBGN farce and some free advice

This post is a digression from my usual topics, I hope you like it.

Is this beginning of the end for MBGN?

It was hard to miss the outrage that greeted the crowning of Sylvia Nduka as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria on saturday. Representing Taraba state, the choice of Miss Nduka was baffling to many as she made a complete mess of her question in the top 5 competition. When co-host Michelle Dede asked: ‘what would winning MBGN mean to you’?, the blank stare and barely intelligible response should have ruled her out. Confidence and an ability to express yourself is a key requirement at pageants, but a couple of people didn’t agree.

Nigerian Compass on monday reported that the judges were overruled in their choice of the shortlist of 15, and even in the choice of the winner.

This is bound to give Silverbird’s MBGN pageant a real credibility problem going forward, but the truth is that it probably peaked in 2001, when Agbani Darego won and has struggled to keep up those standards since. For years, MBGN has been Silverbird’s golden goose, but with cinemas, TV and radio stations in major cities coming up in recent times, the quality of the pageant has suffered.

After 25 years, Silverbird’s MBGN looks to be at a crossroads. It can either re-focus or gradually be overtaken by other pageants.

Potentials in the entertainment industry.

Whenever I think about popular nigerian tv shows of the past, it seems obvious to me that they are potential money spinners. Is it really so difficult for NTA to gather every episode of shows like ‘Behind the clouds’, ‘Cock Crow at Dawn’, ‘Checkmate’ and others, upgrade them to DVD quality and re-release them? They could sell the rights for a ton of money, because such shows would bring back memories for a lot of people. I imagine a ‘Village Headmaster’ DVD box set would be in high demand. There could also be an opportunity for spin-offs (new shows related to them) and other types of merchandising.

Another thing which struck me is: ‘why do we wait for foreigners to tell the stories of important people and events in our nation’s history? In a country with a story as chequered as Nigeria’s, the potential for gripping historical movies are endless. No Nigerian film maker has told the story of the civil war, or of figures like Late Obafemi Awolowo, MKO Abiola, Muritala Muhammed and others. It would be an excellent way to educate this current generation so that we learn from the past and not repeat the same mistakes, as well as make a lot of money in the process.

It is high time we saw less films with titles like ‘Beyonce and Rihanna’ and ‘Blackberry Babes’.

What other ways to make real money is Nollywood yet to explore? Do you think MBGN is past its best? Use the comment box to speak your mind. Cheers!


7 thoughts on “The MBGN farce and some free advice”

  1. Touche Jo,Included in the list is coco house with chief oluwa lambe lord. I guess such soaps would have been gathering dusts in NTA’s Media library.
    BTW here are few things to ponder about:
    1. I believe the producers, Tv stations et al. really do love to make a quick buck which is the bane of economic advancement in Nigeria as a whole. many movie producers are willing to make such research about the past.
    3. Also, making such profound movies would amount to large funds on the part of producers.
    4. Looking at the issues of piracy in the movie industry, which movie producer would love to invest in such ventures?
    These may not be all but then what do I know?

  2. Brilliant !!!!!!

    “No Nigerian film maker has told the story of the civil war, or of figures like Late Obafemi Awolowo, MKO Abiola, Muritala Muhammed and others. It would be an excellent way to educate this current generation so that we learn from the past and not repeat the same mistakes”


  3. Movie-making in Nigeria is bereft of standards. They capitalize on the low attention span of our generation & make those low-quality movies to make a quick buck. But in their defense, making quality movies requires funding, which is beyond them. It also require intellectual property protection, which is not there too. Gradually though, I believe the next generation of filmmakers shall be out not to make money, but to up d standards

  4. Good to see that u recognized one of your gifts and decided to go bloggggggiiiiiing!!!!!! Nice one bro. My take on this would still boil down to the issue of piracy. Once any of these numerous re-packaged CD’s hit the market….that would be the end as they would be pirated. Think about it…..

  5. Top post. I would pay a premium for a “Village Headmaster” or “New Masquerade” DVD box set. Chances are that such archival tapes have been damaged due to their not being sealed properly and (of course) being placed under a roof that leaked during the rainy season…or some other similarly pathetic excuse.

  6. just as we don’t value human life, we care very little about our history.
    heard NTA’s archives were destroyed by fire a while ago and most master tapes were lost.
    won’t be surprised if the British Embassy had copies though 🙂

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