Nigeria and the metaphor of the boiling frog.

If you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out, but if you put it in cold water and heat it slowly, it will boil to death.

When I first heard this metaphor of the boiling frog in the movie ‘Dante’s Peak’, it stuck. There is a lesson in this anecdote: people react quicker to sudden, drastic events, but are hardly aware of gradual change so that by the time a reaction comes, it may be too late.

Nigeria has been slowly degrading in all sectors for decades, that is why I believe many in government and the electorate are not connecting the dots and acting urgently. We are like that slowly boiling frog.

The majority of Nigerians underestimate the kind of action and the speed of action necessary to effect change in many sectors almost at once, in order to put this country back on track: Education, Jobs, Power, Corruption, the size of government and security are issues that will take a minimum of TEN years before the effects of change are felt, assuming things begin to change NOW.

None of the issues raised by Nigerian leaders over a period of 40 years have improved. They have only gotten worse.

Nigeria has gone from coups to assassinations, then pipelines being blown up, then kidnapping and now bombs going off everywhere. We wonder why NYSC members aren’t protected, then we realise that our police cannot even protect themselves.

Education has gone from cultism to ASUU strikes to half baked graduates, now we have those that don’t even enter the oven at all. In their millions.

This country doesn’t look like one that has earned N40 trillion (and counting) since 1999. Those who quote the ‘4th fastest growing economy in the world’ statistic conveniently forget to mention that the growth is all down to increased extraction and sale of our oil resources, without an increase in those with jobs. Economists call it jobless growth.

These and other factors are slowly converging on us. Nigeria does not have even a year to waste. We must demand (and keep demanding) results from our leaders at all levels now. The water is boiling…


8 thoughts on “Nigeria and the metaphor of the boiling frog.”

  1. Which is why It’s frustrating to see Nigerians give their leaders to much slacks, by excusing their in competence. We can never move an inche that way.

  2. What we need is “Revolution” we can’t let the same group of people that has been ruling us continue again

  3. I completely agree with this writer,there’s no time to waste,we must act now or never. Nigeria is drifting badly.Our leaders have failed us ,its not rocket science to fix roads ,provide jobs and security,it can be done if we are sincere

  4. Well written….leaves little to add because the message is very clear – we have a voice, lets use it!

  5. God help our so leaders and looters to listen and hearken to the voice of the youth,enough of all these promises..We need action! The comittee that investigated last years OCT 1 bomb blast are yet to come up with a conclusive report, that of the Lagos Ibadan express way accident still there, the Pre and Post election crisis tooo, an end has to COME to all these…ENOUGH is ENOUGH

  6. Love the metaphor.Education(basic) is the key to a vast majority of our problems.The multiplier effect it has is amazing.The North is a prime example.Corruption?They are interwoven but education MAY make the people demand more from their governments.

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