What Buhari should do next.

The Presidential election is now over. It has been won and lost. Even though Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has lost the election, he still has a big role to play in the aftermath of it and even in the shape of Nigerian politics going forward. A lot of violence occurred yesterday, especially in Kaduna. As of this morning, a curfew has been imposed. What the General needs to do now is to put out a televised concession speech, and call for an immediate end to the violence. Silence is not an option. He needs to tell his supporters that no purpose is served by violence, and that they should do nothing in his name.

Nothing, except vote for all CPC governorship candidates on the 26th. Buhari has run his last campaign, but he can put the CPC in a strong position throughout the North by campaigning vigorously for the guber races. He IS the CPC, just like many will call Babatunde Fashola the face of the ACN. Later on, he can then ‘anoint’ a performing governor who shares his values to take over from him, while he plays the role of elder statesman making inroads in other parts of the country on behalf of his party.

The ultimate aim should be to make the CPC a national party with a Northern base and a clear ideology. The fielding of a good presidential candidate from the South East in 2015 will go a long way to making the CPC national, as well as completely disrupting the calculations of the PDP and ACN.

If I could have 10 minutes with Buhari, I would tell him all of the above. He has to ensure the party keeps it’s momentum. But what do I know?


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