The RSVP diaries, Episode 5: ‘Frustration’.

On Thursday, my laptop developed a fault. It wasn’t loading the ‘OpenVR’ software. This happened at just past 12 noon, and it was Friday morning that it was taken for repairs. I don’t know when i’ll get it back but if the experience of my colleagues is anything to go by, I could be out of action for a couple more days at least. One polling unit in Iganmu has been inactive since monday.

I’m told that all laptops that have serious problems end up at INEC Lagos HQ, but I can’t help feeling like the whole process is too slow.I would have thought that a lot of INEC/Zinox IT personnel would have been deployed throughout the country BEFORE the exercise to take care of technical issues in a timely manner. There is no such rapid response system in place. All this, among others, means that an extension to the exercise is a certainty.

This doesn’t do much for me though. The longer i’m inactive, the more my frustration mounts. I can’t wait to get back in the field and match the enthusiasm of the electorate. My code is 24/05/06/019. INEC/Zinox, please make it happen soonest.


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