The RSVP diaries, Episode 4: ‘Technical Issues with the OpenVR software’

After two very frustrating days at the start, the voter registration began to gather momentum as INEC reacted to complaints. The last three days have seen me register 54, 70, then 74 people. I hope to keep increasing that number, because the enthusiasm from the public is certainly there.

In spite of the major problem, that of the scanners, being fixed there remain a number of bugs i have noticed after 5 days.

1. Sometimes the temporary voter’s cards get printed out without the Voter Identification Number. I then have to hand write on the slip.

2. After the finger prints are taken, a handful of the entries have been flagged as ‘potential duplicates’ and are therefore pending approval by someone with a higher clearance level. If everyone has a unique finger print, how can it then be a duplicate?

3. Today, the system required a restart about 3 times because the counter would go blank and all the saved records would momentarily disappear. They are restored when the system reboots.

Feel free to share your own observations here. Day 6 is upon us.


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