The RSVP diaries, Episode 2: ‘You’re only as good as your equipment’

Day 2 began in uncertain fashion, especially for those of us with the faulty finger print scanners. There were so many questions as I drove to Sari- Iganmu: ‘is there a plan B?’, ‘how fast will INEC respond to the complaints?’, ‘will I actually do ANYTHING today?’

In spite of the uncertainty, frustration was never an option because this is a national assignment unlike any other in recent times. So, forge ahead I did. Technical support from wasn’t forthcoming today, but we still went out into the field, and had to use our wits to register our countrymen.

As expected, the battle with the scanners was an uphill one. I have to say again that Zinox royally messed this one up. Even the laptops are not up to scratch. We did get some momentum though, only after we figured out how to make the scanners respond. Someone MIGHT find the following points useful:

1. Start with the finger printing first. I got no luck AT ALL entering the names before taking fingerprints.

2. Make sure the fingers of the registrant cover the face of the scanner completely, so it will read quicker. Holding the finger down for better contact also helps.

It wasn’t all a struggle though. The residents of Adeolu Street were full of good humour, even though their tempers started to fray (understandably) as the day progressed. There’s this one man, Mr. Iheanacho, who ends every other statement with ‘confirmento confirm’. He’s just jokes.

Only 2 people were registered on Day 1, but 16 on Day 2. I’m aiming for another big improvement tomorrow.


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